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Bob Costas Rips ESPN For Its Caitlyn Jenner Praise


Bob Costas has been the voice of sports for years. The Syracuse alum has paid his dues, and with that comes the permission to give his valued opinion on various matters.

While on the "Dan Patrick Show," Costas was asked about Caitlyn Jenner and ESPN's decision to give her the Arthur Ashe Award. At the eight-minute mark, the broadcast legend said he wished Jenner well but then gave an honest opinion about ESPN.

"It strikes me that awarding the Arthur Ashe Award to Caitlyn Jenner is just a crass exploitation play, it's a tabloid play," Costas said. "I'm pretty sure they could've found someone who was much closer to actively involved in sports who would've been deserving of what that award represents."

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Judging by the public outcry, there are many people who share Costas' sentiments.