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Bob Ryan Calls Mark Jackson a 'Bible-Pounding Phony'

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It's no secret that the Golden State Warriors are doing well after Mark Jackson was ousted a couple years ago.

The team has won the championship, boasted the NBA MVP in Steph Curry, and are pace to get back to the Finals again. Some would point the finger at Jackson's departure as reason for the team's success. One of those people is definitely journalist Bob Ryan.

During a visit to the "Dan Le Batard Show" Ryan was asked about the Warriors now that they are being led by Steve Kerr. Ryan was adamant that the reason the team is flourishing is solely because there is no more Jackson on the sideline.

"I am on the record, thank God, publicly saying two years ago, I looked at the NBA and I looked at the rosters and looked at what was going on, and I said the most talented team one through eight, at least, in the NBA is the Golden State Warriors," Ryan said. "I know if they had a real coach, not some bible-pounding phony that Mark Jackson is, you know, when he isn't really a legitimate bible pounder... And I can't believe they took him back on that broadcast. Oh my God, you know, he's a con man and he's done very well at it. I give him credit for being a great one."

Skip to the 7:20 mark to hear Ryan's thoughts on Jackson.