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Canadian Writer Receives Death Threats After Commenting on the Humboldt Tragedy


By now we've all heard of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy of the junior hockey team's bus colliding with a semi-truck, killing 15 people. 

Shortly after the accident, a GoFundMe popped up to help some of the families from the tragedy and quickly exceeded the goal. A writer from Canada, Nora Loreto, mentioned that it was probably due to the makeup of the team that allowed for such an astounding outpouring of support. 

From there things spiraled out of control with people coming after her with many tweets and messages not suitable to show. From name-calling to death threats, she's gotten everything on Twitter as of late.

Loreto went on to say that her words may not have hit the mark intended and agrees it was a terrible tragedy regardless, but that hasn't stopped the unforgiving nature of Twitter.