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Chargers Fans React to Norv Turner and A.J. Smith Not Getting Fired

I have a friend who's a huge Chargers fan. Every year he's let down. He knows how the season is going to end before it begins. His favorite team, always over hyped in the preseason and a darling Super Bowl pick of the pundits, will falter. Usually they will falter early in the year. This year they faltered in the middle and end.

But there was one silver lining for him this year. He knew there was no way Norv Turner was going to keep his job after the Chargers didn't even make the playoffs, with a Super-Bowl caliber team.

There was just no way that Norv, who is more of a coordinator than a head coach could not get fired. The team doesn't play hard for him. He's too easy on them. Whatever it is, he's just not head coach material.

So, while his team took crushing defeat after crushing defeat, he could just smile, knowing that while the Chargers might not win the Super Bowl next year, they would definitely have someone new at the helm. The new guy may be just as bad, but he will be different, which would give him at least a little hope that his favorite team could live up to their potential.

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And then the news came down today that the Chargers were going to retain head coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith. So I made this clock for him.