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Chris Mortensen Doesn't Want to Talk About the NFL Feeding Him False Information


It wasn't too long ago that ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen sent this tweet.

Of course we know now, accorinding to The Wells Report, that it's not true, but everyone still respects Mortensen. His history in sports journalism can't be tarnished, but this is a minor smudge. The reporter was schedule to appear on the Dennis & Callahan show this morning but cancelled.

"You guys made a mistake by drumming up business for the show and how I would address my reporting for the first time," Mortensen told WEEI, the station that houses Dennis & Callahan. "I will not allow WEEI, [Robert] Kraft or anybody to make me the centerpiece of a story that has been misreported far beyond anything I did in the first 48 hours. Maybe when the lawsuit is settled, in Brady's favor, I hope, we can revisit. Don't call."

Yikes. Of course the show called. That's what they do. There was no answer. They did however get to ask questions to Adam Schefter about Mortensen intentionally being given false information. He was quick to jump to his fellow ESPNer's defense. 

"Any reporter in the country, if they have high level people calling them, giving them this information, almost anyone's gonna run with it," Schefter said. "If that is indeed the case that one, two, three high-level individuals intentionally misled him to try to smear the Patriots, I saw more shame on those people than Mort."

Well said, but the thing most will remember about this situation is that Mortensen decided not to go on the air to defend himself.