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Coach Quenneville's House Covered in Toilet Paper After Stanley Cup Win

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People seem to do anything and everything when their favorite sports team wins a championship. Since the Blackhawks Stanley Cup win in 2010, Coach Joel Quenneville’s first, fans have TP’ed the yard in front of his house. This year was no different, as diehard fans quickly raced to his house to cover it in toilet paper. They also did the same thing there in 2013, after his second Stanley Cup.

Though it may now be a Chicago tradition, this act has more historically been a prank done by kids against people they dislike. However, this is quite the opposite. Whoever started the tradition really thought outside of the box for this unique twist. Hopefully, Coach Quenneville doesn’t have to clean this mess up because he’ll surely be busy. Then again, he probably doesn't mind it too much.

Take a look at some of the pictures:

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