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The Craziest Trick Shot Videos


Hot Girl Hits Insane Golf Shot

This may or may not be fake. But since it's so awesome, I may or may not really care.

Crazy Beer Pong Shots

Whoever says Beer Pong isn't a sport has never tried to play beer pong at three in the morning. 

12 Year-Old Johnny Sullivan

This Iowa kid can hit a water bottle better than anyone you've probably ever seen.

Insane Pool Shots

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Apparently you don't need good taste in music to be very good at pool.

Johnny McEntee

The classic Johnny McEntee trick shot video.

Can't Tell If This Is Fake Or Not

I really can't believe this guy is pulling off these insane basketball shots. Someone told me they're fake, but I don't believe it.

Dude Perfect Basketball Shots

When I first heard of "Dude Perfect" I assumed it was some sort of Playgirl competition. Apparently it's a summer camp where you sink long-range basketball shots from Jet Skis. I'm glad I was wrong.

Insane Hockey Trick Shot

I don't really understand this hockey trick shot, but I like it. (And he gets extra points for using it in an actual game.)