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Cubs' Jon Lester Pickoff Attempt Goes Wrong


Cubs' left-hander Jon Lester had not thrown a pickoff to first base since April 30, 2013. And after last night's attempt, we may know why. Check out this video to see Lester's second attempt sail into the outfield:

Lester attempted his first and second pickoff throws to first since 2013 against the Reds on Monday night. The one that went into the outfield was the second throw over. However, the mistake was not a costly one with the help of teammate Jorge Soler, who nailed Zack Cozart at third. Lester's first attempt did not go unnoticed either. The Cubs crowd went crazy at Lester's first attempt...which by the way was off line too.

Lester gave up six runs on 10 hits over six innings in his second start with the Cubs. He has been known to have the case of the "yips" when it comes to fielding his positions and throwing to bases. After Monday night, we might not see another attempt from Lester until 2017.