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ESPN's Holly Rowe Says Her Cancer Has Returned and Spread


Sad news for many sports fans as Holly Rowe's cancer has returned.

The ESPN reporter told The Associated Press that her cancer has spread, but she intends to stay on with the worldwide leader in sports after they just extended her contract.

"I don't think about having cancer when I'm out there," Rowe said. "Monday, I have a CAT scan and have treatment. I'll be a cancer patient on Monday. I'm not thinking about it today."

Rowe is keeping her spirits high during this trying time and is going to stay busy when her health permits. Taking too much time off from something you love is a difficult thing. 

"I recently had five days in a row off," Rowe said. "That's a long stretch. I was a mess, I was sitting around thinking about having cancer. It's ridiculous. I've got to stay busy or I'll go crazy. This is the world's best therapy. Every single day I'm working, I'm absorbed in other people. Somebody wins. I need to see people winning and fighting through adversity. That helps me so much."

Rowe is already a winner in our hearts.