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Former ESPN President John Skipper Says Cocaine Dealer Extortion Plot Forced Resignation


After attempting to keep it under wraps, we now know what caused John Skipper to resign from ESPN.

According to a Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter, the former ESPN President says an attempted extortion plot carried out by his cocaine dealer forced his hand. Before this most recent hiccup, Skipper claimed to rarely allow his habit to affect his work at the worldwide leader.

"In December, someone from whom I bought cocaine attempted to extort me," Skipper said. "They threatened me, and I understood immediately that threat put me and my family at risk, and this exposure would put my professional life at risk as well. I foreclosed that possibility by disclosing the details to my family, and then when I discussed it with [Disney CEO] Bob [Iger], he agreed that I had placed the company in an untenable position and as a result, I should resign."

Skipper also said he had no plans to resign until the date he received word of the extortion plot and maintains that Iger did not fire him, but the situation left him no choice but to step down after speaking with the Disney CEO.

Recently it was announced that Disney executive Jimmy Pitaro would be the new president of ESPN.