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Former Villanova Athletes Come After Doug Gottlieb Over Unnecessary Tweet


It's clear that during the biggest game of some of these student-athletes' lives, people will have unnecessary things to say.

As Villanova was pulling away to win the championship, Doug Gottlieb figured it was time to share an anecdote about National Player of the Year, Jalen Brunson. Gottlieb speculated that Brunson almost played for Temple because his father, Rick, was set to take a job with the Owls until he was indicted on sexual assault charges. He pled not guilty and was acquitted, but it's still not an incident the Brunson family would like to dig up again and it certainly wasn't the time for it.

Former Villanova stars Josh Hart and Kris Jenkins came after Gottlieb for such a bad tweet.

Wildcats clearly look out for their own.