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Gilbert Arenas Deletes Instagram After Making Jokes About Flint Residents


If you were on the fence about Gilbert Arenas, this just might push you over the edge.

The former Wizards star has said some pretty sexist things about women in the the past and, surprisingly, he's not done yet. Arenas went on Instagram to express tasteless thoughts about the women in Flint, MI and the water they are forced to deal with. 

"Am I the only dude blocking any girl from Flint right now?" Arenas said.

He then proceeds to talk about how they've been bathing with dirty water. To see the unedited version of the Instagram posts, you can check it out here.

A few hours later, the former NBA player deleted his entire Instagram account. If you ask most people, it's for the best. His latest antics are just a desperate attempt to stay relevant.