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The Greatest Valentine’s Day-Related Names in Sports


Cards, flowers, candy and other gifts are certainly nice, but these aren’t the only things that go hand-in-hand with Valentine’s Day. Did you know there are dozens of athletes and other figures across the sports spectrum that are a perfect fit when it comes to Feb. 14?

Whether it’s showing some “love,” demonstrating plenty of “heart” or representing something special for that special someone, these guys show that sports and romance can co-exist on Valentine’s Day. Now if we could only find a Cupid who can play some ball…

How do I love thee, let me count the names...
Davis Love III(PGA)
Kevin Love (PF, Minnesota Timberwolves)
Kyle Love(DT, New England Patriots)
Ben Lovejoy(D, Pittsburgh Penguins)
Edwin Lovelady(NFL wide receiver, 1987)
Clyde Lovellette(NBA Hall of Famer)
Lovie Smith (former Chicago Bears head coach)
Josh Freelove(Alabama State basketball)

This is the day for love...
John Valentin (MLB infielder, 1992-2002)
Jose Valentin(MLB infielder, 1992-2007)
Bobby Valentine(former Boston Red Sox manager)
Ellis Valentine(MLB outfielder, 1975-83, ‘85)
Shawn Valentine(Rider University basketball)
Valentine Izundu (University of Houston basketball)

Love, it comes from the heart...
Heartly “Hunk” Anderson(former NFL offensive lineman, 1922-25)
Ronnie Arrow (former college basketball coach, 1987-2012)
Hart Memorial Trophy (awarded annually to the NHL’s MVP)
Cory Hart (OF/1B, Milwaukee Brewers)
Dave Hart (University of Tennessee athletics director)
Bob Hartley (Calgary Flames head coach)
Garrett Hartley(K, New Orleans Saints)
Brian Hartline(WR, Miami Dolphins)
Scott Hartnell (LW, Philadelphia Flyers)
Ben Hartsock(TE, Carolina Panthers)
Gabby Hartnett(MLB Hall of Famer)

Nothing says "I love you" better than a dozen roses...
Dave Rose(BYU men’s basketball head coach)
Derrick Rose (PG, Chicago Bulls)
Jalen Rose(NBA guard/forward 1994-2007, current ESPN analyst)
Justin Rose(PGA)
Malik Rose(NBA forward, 1996-2009)
Pete Rose(MLB’s all-time hits leader)
Sage Rosenfels (NFL quarterback, 2002-11)
Ken Rosenthal (MLB reporter for FOX Sports and MLB Network)
Trevor Rosenthal(P, St. Louis Cardinals)
Pete Rozelle (NFL Hall of Famer, NFL commissioner from 1960-89)
Rosevelt Colvin (NFL linebacker, 1999-2008)
Barry Melrose (former NHL player, head coach, current ESPN hockey analyst)

Don’t forget something special for that special lady in your life...
Sugar Cain(MLB pitcher, 1932-38)
John Candelaria, the “Candy Man” (MLB pitcher, 1975-93)
Candy Cummings(MLB Hall of Famer)
Candy Moldanado (MLB outfielder, 1981-95)
Darryl Dawkins, aka “Chocolate Thunder” (former NBA center, 1975-89)
Scott Diamond(P, Minnesota Twins)
Kevin Garnett(F/C, Boston Celtics)
Eli Gold(University of Alabama football radio broadcaster)
Earl “The Pearl” Monroe(NBA Hall of Famer)
Ricky Rubio(PG, Minnesota Timberwolves)

And the best Valentine’s Day-related sports name of all...
Valentino Hart(former college basketball player, 2005-07)