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Hurricane Irene Won't Pack The Same Punch As Hurricane Ike


If you were to watch the news, you'd think that Atlantic Beach, NC and New York City was in for a real thrashing. But if you take a close look at this radar image of 2008's Hurricane Ike (which was the third costliest Hurricane in US history), you can see that Ike meant business. What's Hurricane Irene going to do? Blow a few trees over? Hurricane Ike, on the other hand, would peel your head back to the white meat (especially if you were holding any money out on him.)

But in all seriousness, Hurricane Irene has had a huge affect on the sports community. From cutting short golf tournaments, to canceling tennis touranaments, to canceling a handful of baseball games, Hurricane Irene is going to have a huge affect on the Eastern Seaboard. 

The baseball games that have been postponed are: Baltimore Orioles at the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves at the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies at the Florida Marlins.