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If Football Players Were Emo Kids


NFL players are known for being tough, aggressive and violent people who will sacrifice their bodies to win at any cost. Emo kids, on the other hand, will sit in their room and cry if their mom doesn't buy them the right kind of organic tea. So, we wondered what it would look like if we combined the two using very poor Photoshop techniques. 

1. Tony Romo as an Emo Kid

2. Peyton Hillis as an Emo Kid

3. Drew Brees celebrating the Super Bowl win as an Emo Kid

4. Philip Rivers as an Emo Kid

5. Aaron Rodgers as an Emo Kid

6. Tim Tebow as an Emo Kid (back when he was a Gator, and was in Fall Out Boy)

7. Bill Belichick as an Emo Kid (Probably listening to Fall Out Boy)

8. Peyton Manning as an Emo Kid

9. Clay Matthews as an Emo Kid

10. Tom Brady as an Emo Kid (it was temping to leave this one not photoshopped)