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8 Moments of Team Owners Being Insane

Steve Ballmer Loses His Mind

Steve Ballmer Loses His Mind

Steve Ballmer Loses His Mind

Get ready to read that headline plenty of times this NBA season, as the new Clippers owner is taking the insane behavior from his Microsoft events and bringing it courtside.

Mark Cuban Is a Mavs Madman

Cubes patented insane courtside owner behavior. Here he is losing it over a questionable foul call.

Bud's Double Bird

Late Titans owner Bud Adams let Bills fans (and owner Ralph Wilson) have it with both barrels at a 2009 game. Oh, and Roger Goodell was in his box at the time.

Pure Sterling

Former Clippers owner Donald Sterling saved his most insane behavior for when there were no cameras rolling. Fortunately for us, though, there was a tape recorder rolling.

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Raiders owner Al Davis was a lifelong eccentric who loved to take on authority figures. Late in his life, though, Al went full-on cryptkeeper in his public appearances. We hate to remember him this way, but we can't help it. 

We're All Just Living in Jerry's World

Jerry Jones has been extorted by strippers and made creepy expressions in the owner's box, but whatever happens, he's committed to the Cowboy Way, as he tells TMZ in this video.

Irsay's Chemistry Experiment

Colts owner Jim Irsay was captured on dashcam stumbling from his vehicle with countless chemicals coursing through his veins.

Dan Snyder Doubles Down

Snyder has done a lot of dumb things as Redskins owner, including using Native Americans as props in his campaign to keep the nickname.