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Interoffice Memo from 1995 Explains This New-Fangled "Internet"


We found this interoffice memo from 1995 about this amazing new thing called the Internet on an editor's cork board yesterday and thought we should share it. (Yes, it's been sitting there for 16 years. You should see his desk.)  I think this belongs in some sort of Internet museum.

 Some of our favorite gems are:

--Athlon now has it's own email address.
--We can also send email long distance at no charge--it's a great way to save telephone costs.
--I will monitor the e-mail daily and forward any messages addressed to you.
--We only have one email address at this time (it comes free with our dial-up Interent account), but in the future we may be able to access the email account through our personal computers!
--The Internet will be accessed through the big open Macintosh in the back production area.

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