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Jerry Sandusky Interview Video; Says He's Innocent But Looks Like A Liar

Jerry Sandusky appeared on camera in a videotaped interview with the New York Times this week and did nothing to sway public opinion in his favor.

Sandusky, who claimed he is innocent of charges of child sexual abuse in the video was only slightly better than his grotesque interview with Bob Costas when he seemed to waiver when asked if he was sexually attracted to young boys.

In this interview, the first one on video, a couple major points stick out that once again call into question his honesty:

When asked about his eery response to the "are you sexually attracted to young boys?" response, he essentially says he was blindsided by the question and that he is "attracted to people" and loves being around young people and so he was surprised that the question of a sexual nature was asked.

But put yourself in his shoes. If someone had accused you of molesting young boys, you should know that that question is coming. And if you know that question is coming, if you truly are innocent, you would vehemently deny this accusation. You wouldn't attempt to parse it out and and hedge as you hem and haw the minor nuances of that question. If you really were innocent, you would stand up and yell as loudly as possible so everyone could hear you say in no uncertain terms that you are NOT a pedophile. The fact that he paused, tells you everything you need to know.

And his lame excuse that he wanted to make it clear that he couldn't believe that this question was being asked and he wanted to make it clear that he liked being around young people--just not in a sexual way--makes absolutely no sense.

The other major point that tells me Jerry Sandusky is lying is that he continued to shower with young boys and "horse around" as he calls it.

Again, put yourself in Jerry Sandusky's shoes. Even if you did nothing wrong. Even if you were a jock who grew up showering with others and you didn't think anything of showering with little boys when you were in your 50s and blowing on the stomachs of young naked kids, the moment the police were involved and accusations were being made, would you EVER shower with another young boy again? 

Imagine how freaked out you would be that there was even the perception that you were a pedophile who molested young boys. You would never ever be naked around little kids ever again. You certainly wouldn't blow on their stomachs while "horsing around." You wouldn't take kids on trips where you were alone with them. 

Any logical adult would do everything in your power to clear your name. And a good way to start clearing your name is to not shower naked with kids and bear hug them. 

That's why this whole story, and both of Sandusky's attempts to claim his innocence don't pass muster. He's lying, or he's the stupidest person on the face of the earth.

The other point that will come out of this is that Joe Paterno, the grandfather of college football just a few months ago, did nothing to stop Sandusky. He knew about the accusations, but he never had the guts or balls or whatever you want to call it to confront his longtime and assistant coach friend about his actions with young boys.

Which means that Penn State was complicit in Sandusky's actions. They knew there was a problem, and they told Sandusky to not bring young boys onto the campus anymore. But what we learn in this video is that his keys were never taken away, either.

This is a disgusting man and it's scary what other details will still come out in this case.