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Kansas State's EcoKat is The Crappiest Mascot Ever


We at Athlon Sports are all for the environment. We like our parks pristine, our air smog-free, and our water drinkable.

But we also like our college football mascots not super lame. Which is exactly what EcoKat, Kansas State's new mascot, happens to be.

According to the school's press release:

Meet EcoKat, Kansas State University's crusader of conservation and fanatic of fluorescent lightbulbs.

Along with Willie, the pair -- dubbed the EcoEnforcers -- has set out to reduce K-State' s energy usage by 15 percent over the next four years by educating students about what they can do to cut back and conserve.

Beginning this week, EcoKat will show the community how to be more environmentally conscious through appearances, promotional events and a series of online Webisodes.

"Part of my job is to educate the university community on ways they can conserve energy," said Casey Lauer, director of energy and environment. "My idea was to create a video that was a challenge to students -- 'What's one thing you can to do conserve?' Because that one thing multiplied by 24,000 people equals a big change."

Really, Kansas State? Do you really think some nerd in a purple jump suit is going to teach college kids who've just finished their fourth keg stand that they shouldn't leave the refrigerator door open? What's next, BrushYrTeethKat? YearlyBreastExamKat? Or WipeFrontToBackKat?

If you want to get college kids to listen to you, why not make TotallyShitFacedKat? I know, I know, you don't think TotallyShitFacedKat will go over in the marketing department. But here's why TotallyShitFacedCat will work better than EcoKat (yes, I really like typing TotallyShitFacedKat):

College kids like drinking. TotallyShitFacedKat can show up at all the pre-game parties and do beer bongs, play a little beer pong and throw down at a few boat races. And once TotallyShitFacedKat has ingratiated himself into the party, THEN he can casually bring up how leaving your printer on all the time costs you the equivalent of 19 cases of beer each year.

Which Kat would be more effective?