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Kendrick Perkins Drops 32 Pounds; Is New Biggest Loser Winner


The Biggest Loser winner was revealed last night, but I think we may have a new loser who might be vying for second place.

Kendrick Perkins put on a few pounds last year. He's not the type of player known for lack of effort. The Oklahoma City Thunder player apparently packed on all his 2010 pounds after suffering a knee injury.

But instead of loafing on his couch all summer cramming Twinkies in his mouth and praying for a year-long NBA lockout like a kid hoping for a snow day, Kendrick hit the gym twice a day and dropped all his excess weight.

Perkins told the Associated Press about his workout:

Perkins said he spent about three hours many mornings during the offseason lifting weights and doing conditioning work to help get him out of his knee braces, then he'd get up shots and play pickup games whenever he could. He also hired a nutritionist to help get him slimmed back down to 275 pounds, where the Celtics had him listed at the start of last season.

"I was just eating whatever I wanted. You have to change up your diet a little bit. But there was a lot of things that was healthy on the menu that I actually liked," Perkins said. "I feel a ton better. … It's just a sacrifice you've got to put in. You've really just got to be honest and look yourself and look yourself in the mirror and go from there. [...]

"Obviously, when you get lighter, you move quicker and you jump higher. I've never been a real leaper but I've got some kind of hops now," Perkins said. "It's all good."

OK, so the Biggest Loser winner lost like 250 pounds, nowhere near what Perkins worked off. But still. He should be commended.

So what does this mean for the Oklahoma City Thunder? Maybe they'll play him during crunch time of playoff games now that he's a leaner (and still pretty mean.)