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Kevin Durant Tweets and Deletes Comments About Former Coach, May Have Secret Social Accounts


Kevin Durant isn't shy about voicing his opinions and defending himself from crazed basketball fans. 

The Warriors star usually does it in a somewhat respectful way and unapologetically from his own account. This Twitter encounter with a fan is a bit different with Durant stating he couldn't win a championship with Billy Donovan and the roster that Oklahoma City had at the time. Pretty harsh words. 

A number of things could've happened here. Either Durant just wanted to speak in the third person, he has another account where he apparently defends the choices he makes, or it could've been his own social media staffer who simply forgot to log out of Durant's account. When asked why he deleted it, Durant kept his reply short and simple.

Shortly after, Durant's alleged secret Instagram was uncovered and lead one person on a bit of an investigative trail.

There's no shortage of drama during the NBA offseason.