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Lauren Hill to Receive Her Own Special Moment at the ESPYs


There's no deny Lauren Hill touched many lives. The fallen hoops star got involved for a cause and stuck with it. She even drew the attention of many athletes and celebrities.

After ESPN started a firestorm by giving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Caitlyn Jenner rather than Hill, they have announced they will honor Hill with her own special moment at the ESPYs.

"Lauren Hill's journey inspired so many and speaks to the power of the human spirit," said Connor Schell, SVP of ESPN Films and Original Content. "Lauren's legacy will continue to transcent the sports world, and we are humbled and honored to celebrate her on the ESPYS stage."

In an interview with For The Win, Hill's mother Lisa explained how she's doing at this point.

"I'm a little better than I had been early on but some days are a struggle, it just depends on the day," Lisa said. "Some days I have really good days and some days I get really emotional but I think for Lauren she started a mission and she wanted to be the voice for the kids and I just have to keep reminding myself that we are her voice."

When it comes to the controversy surrounding Jenner getting the award, Lisa wants everyone to know that it merely started on its own. Lauren was only focused on contributing to her cause for a cure.

"I don't think [Lauren] would have had a strong opinion on [the award] either way to be honest," she said. "She was pretty down-to-earth, she respected all walks of life and people who were different, she would have never been judgmental or harsh or anything like that, that's just not who she was."