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LeBron James' "The Shop" Takes Issue With Alabama's "Shop Talk" Over Copyright Infringement

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LeBron James won't be watching Alabama's new "Shop Talk" show anytime soon and if he has his way, no one else will either.

The Cavaliers star uses the Uninterrupted platform to produce "The Shop" where guys talk about anything and everything while getting haircuts at the barbershop. Recently the Alabama multimedia team previewed its new creation "Shop Talk", which takes place in the newly-built Bama Cuts barbershop and pretty much has the same premise as James' show. 

Once James, or those around him, saw the video, there were too many similarities to overlook. Here's the NBA star's version:

According to ESPN, Uninterrupted sent a letter to Alabama in hopes of putting an end to things before they really get started. 

"Your continued exploitation of 'Shop Talk' infringes Uninterrupted's copyright, trademark rights and other valuable intellectual property rights in 'The Shop' and significantly damages Uninterrupted's commercial prospects for 'The Shop.'"

Both Nick Saban and James were asked about their reaction to how the situation has played out so far and this is what they each had to say.