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Marine Running in Honor of Fallen Soldiers Heroically Crawls to Finish Line at Boston Marathon


This is determination personified. 

Micah Herndon is a marine who decided to run the Boston Marathon in honor of his fallen comrades. Toward the finish line it seemed as though his body gave out, but that would not stop Herndon. 

"I run in honor of them," Herndon told the Record-Courier. "They are not here anymore. I am here, and I am able. I am lucky to still have all my limbs. I can still be active. I find fuel in the simple idea that I can run. Some cannot. If I get a heat cramp while running or my feet hurt or I am getting exhausted, I just keep saying their names out loud to myself. They went through much worse, so I run for them and their families."

Inspiring stuff from Herndon that only heightens when you see pictures and video of him going through the final stretch.

Suddenly everyone else's excuses seem minimal.