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Mike Martz's Chicago Bears Offensive Playbook


Anyone who saw the Chicago Bears self-destruct against the Detroit Lions on Monday night probably thought Chicago’s offense was in complete disarray. Well, you thought wrong. We’ve obtained an exclusive look at Mike Martz’s playbook for Monday night’s debacle and from the looks of it, the Bears' offense executed to near perfection.

Play #1: The Make Sure Everyone Misses Their Blocking Assignment Play

Play #2: The One of Us Should False Start Play (Version 1)

Play #3: Maybe We Can Get 15 Yards With A Roughing The Passer Penalty

Play #4: The One of Us Should False Start Play (Version 2)

Play #5: Make Sure We Burn All Our Timeouts In the First Quarter Play 

Play #6: The Make Sure The Receivers Don't Get Open Play

Play #7: The Let's Call Another Seven Step Drop Because We're Stupid Play

Play #8: The Left-Handed Throw Will Really Confuse The Defense Play

Mike Martz has a history of drawing up unique NFL offensive plays that can result in confusing defenses and putting a great deal of points on the scoreboard. But as you can see, on the flipside, they can also leave their quarterback hanging out to dry if the offensive line and receivers aren't clicking on all cylinders. This is what Bears football is right now.

By Saul Hutson