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NHL Expected to Make Overtime 3 on 3 Matchup


Most sports fans would agree that overtime is the most dramatic and exciting part of any game, should it come down to that. Hockey is unique in that if a game remains tied after overtime, it moves onto a shootout. However, there will soon be a change to limit shootouts per a vote by general managers in the NHL. They just recently passed a referendum to make overtime a 3 on 3 period, as opposed to the 4 on 4 now.

The move is being made in order to remove dependence on a shootout, and it also should help make the overtime even more thrilling. The shootout has been seen by many as too important for such a small event, and that games should really be decided in another way. This new rule will go to the Board of Governors for the NHL, who is expected to pass it through sometime today.

With the potential rule change, enjoy a couple of T.J. Oshie's shootout goals against Russia in the Winter Olympics last year:

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