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Ohio State's Nick Bosa Gets Crushed on Social Media After 'Black Panther' Take


It's difficult for many college football fans to find something about Nick Bosa they don't like (unless you're a Michigan fan). Many believe he'll be a phenomenal player this fall and high on someone's draft board when the time comes. 

One thing people aren't too fond of when it comes to the Ohio State star is his movie opinions. Bosa recently stated a pretty harsh take on the film Black Panther and fans weren't happy about it. 

From there people began bringing up the fact that he hadn't see all the Marvel movies (because Thor: The Dark World had to be one of the worst ever), anti-Obama tweets, and other things that might make some look at him in a different light. Black Panther was a smash hit but clearly it wasn't everyone's favorite. That being said, it certainly wasn't near the worst if you've watched all of the MCU films.

Everyone's a critic these days.