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Paul Finebaum Says the SEC is Overrated


People say over and over that the SEC is overrated. When Paul Finebaum says it, people tend to take notice.

While covering the SEC Media days, the radio host said the "toughest conference in football" is overrated. There's doubt the SEC will even get one team in the College Football Playoff. It's hard to believe that could be the case, but there's also a problem being the toughest conference; you have the toughest competition.

Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Mizzou, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, LSU and the rest. That's a scary list of direct competitors.

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It's odd hearing it come from Finebaum since he is so heavily involved in the SEC and defending it. On the other hand, without the SEC being as dominant, one could argue Finebaum wouldn't be where he is. 

With programs like Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon, and USC coming virtually out of nowhere, what is in store for the SEC in the coming years? The past couple of years proves the SEC can be beaten, and it may not even be that hard.

Fans in the South (not to mention ESPN's SEC Network) aren't ready to give up on the conference just yet.

Only time will tell if the SEC strikes the same fear in hearts as it once did.