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Paul Finebaum: Warren Sapp is a "Complete Loser"


Warren Sapp and Paul Finebaum are polar opposites when it comes to their assessment of NFL prospect Myles Garrett.

Sapp recently stated that Garrett was "lazy" and disappears in some games, which is the opposite of what Finebaum thinks. The SEC analyst has said some negative things regarding Garrett, but overall is confident in his ability and potential to succeed at the next level.

However, Finebaum did have some unflattering things to say about Sapp.

"When it comes to credibility on someone having integrity, I'm not listening to Warren Sapp," Finebaum said during an appearance on Mike & Mike. "He's a complete loser on that front and his record and his resume will back me up."

Guess we won't be seeing Sapp on The Paul Finebaum Show anytime soon.