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Sports Figures We Wish Had Twitter


Some sports figures use Twitter a little too much, while others we wish would join the Twitterverse.

In no particular order: 

Nick Saban - Alabama's head coach needs to become a part of the Twittersphere. Although many of his tweets may be just orders directed to Lane Kiffin, we still want to see them. Saban looks like he owns a flip phone, but he's also known to make the best of a bad situation.

Charles Barkley - All the internet gold Chuck gives us on "Inside the NBA", times that by ten if he decided to start tweeting. Barkley is constantly asked to get a Twitter account and if the public keeps begging, he's bound to break down sooner or later. Don't be fooled by the @CharlesBarkley account, it's not legit without the blue check. Plus you have to believe he wouldn't be that boring.

Kevin Garnett - The Timberwolves star would most likely send out inspirational tweets along the lines of "anything is possible". Something tells me that many of his tweets will be done in all caps. Garnett is a pretty intense guy, but that's part of  what makes him great.

Peyton Manning - His timeline may be full of Nationwide jingles and Budweiser pitches, but on occasion the Sheriff can be kind of funny. Plus he's about to have a lot of free time on his hands so I'm sure he could squeeze in a few tweets between rounds of golf.

Riley Curry - She's not in a league yet, but imagine the last NBA season without her. She's been a part of meme after meme and even has parody accounts out there. She's a Twitter star way before her time.