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A Recap of Johnny Manziel’s Star-Studded Summer



Johnny Manziel doesn’t need paparazzi to increase his publicity; he can take care of that all by himself. Here’s a month-by-month review of Manziel’s offseason heading into his rookie year, mostly documented by the former Aggie himself on various social media websites.


Johnny rocks a No. 2 jersey, shoulder pads, and camo shorts for his Pro Day. R&B artist and close friend Drake can be heard blasting throughout the facility while Manziel performs. Oh, and former President George H.W. Bush makes an appearance.


Manziel is drafted No. 22 overall by the Cleveland Browns. His trademark “money sign” follows shortly thereafter.

Johnny hangs out with his competition (for the NFL’s biggest frat star), Rob Gronkowski, in Las Vegas.


The Heisman winner supports his “business partner”, LeBron James, at the NBA Finals. James would go on to lose the championship, but the King will join Manziel in Cleveland this year.

Johnny takes care of some formalities, signing his rookie contract and officially becoming an NFL player.

To celebrate, Manziel drinks champagne on an inflatable swan.

Manziel is found flaunting his wealth, pretending a stack of money is his cellphone.


Johnny parties with fellow celebrities Justin Bieber, Floyd Mayweather, and Tyrese.;

The quarterback hits up a Red Sox game and is spotted chatting up some ladies at Fenway Park.

Johnny Cash is photographed rolling up a $20 bill in a nightclub because… he was tipping the restroom attendant…

Manziel takes a photo with popular icons Drake and Kevin Durant.

The 21-year-old takes his foot off the gas a little and appears to be settling down with a girlfriend.

For now, the circus has quieted down. Training camp has started and Johnny Football is occupied. We can expect to hear slightly less news out of Manziel’s camp while he works towards stealing the starting job away from teammate Brian Hoyer. But if this summer is any indication, Manziel's first season and entire career should be a wild, fun ride that no one wants to miss.