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People Are Upset Because Serena Williams Won 'SportsPerson of the Year' Over American Pharoah


Sports Illustrated has announced its "Sportsperson of the Year" as Serena Williams.  

Makes sense, right? Williams had an amazing season and came just short of winning the Grand Slam. She had a dominant performance across the board. People shouldn't be surprised... but they were.

People went crazy, saying American Pharoah should've won. Yes, the horse. It did win the Triple Crown this year, but it had one thing going against it and it's kind of important. It's a horse. Not a person. That didn't stop the masses from commenting.

I'd expect an horse racing editor to say that. For Sports Illustrated, this is the first woman in a very long time to win the award.

Let's not go into specifics but Williams could probably buy American Pharoah and keep him as her pet. Let her have her moment.

No shade, but sportsperson of the year should always be a person.