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SportsCenter Deletes Inappropriate Fidel Castro Tweet


SportsCenter and ESPN often get blasted for their tone-deaf approach to things.

There are times the "world-wide leader in sports" is old-fashioned and just doesn't understand how social media works. They recently tweeted out a feature on Fidel Castro. Yes, that one. In the tweet, and the video from the website, they called Castro a "savior." Considering ESPN doesn't like its talent to share their political views, it's odd that the tweet was sent out.

Obviously the SportsCenter account took a verbal beating of sorts, from fans to respected journalists, urging them to take the tweet down. In a matter of about 3 hours, they decided enough was enough and deleted the tweet without immediate explanation.

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Hours after the tweet was gone, they sent out this one to clear up any confusion.

Saying "our bad" isn't going to rectify the situation that didn't sit well with the 25 million of SportsCenter's followers.