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Ayesha Curry Calls Out NBA Finals Referees on Twitter


With Steph Curry playing in the NBA Finals, it seems like other members of the Curry family have been receiving more attention. After Steph's sister, Sydel, got caught in some twitter arguments, Ayesha has found herself stirring up some trouble as well.

After the Golden State Warriors loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5, Ayesha tweeted out her frustration like many other fans:

Many Cavalier fans fired back quick:

The most noteworthy tweet came later with a photoshopped picture of Kyrie Irving with Steph's family:

Unlike with Sydel, Ayesha Curry decided not to argue with the fan and rather sent out a more mild-mannered tweet:

Many Cavs fans haven't forgotten about Sydel yet and asked the original poster of the picture whether he had been blocked yet. Hopefully Curry's family and shoes can stay out of the news as the Warriors and Cavaliers head into Game 6 in Cleveland.