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Stephen A Smith's Faces When He's Talking to Skip Bayless (Photos)


Stephen A. Smith spends a lot of time on ESPN's First Take arguing with Skip Bayless. For those of you who have seen Skip, you can see why he can try Stephen A's patience (although Stephen A. also holds his own in the patience-trying department.)

So here's a gallery of Stephen A. Smith's various faces he makes as he's trying to argue or listen to Skip Bayless. Most of these screenshots are from ESPN First Take. As you can see, his face ranges from exasperated to angry to completely perplexed at what comes out of Skip's mouth.

Stephen A. Smith should go into acting because he's got the facial expression range of a classically trained actor. I've never seen a face express so much emotion and pain, and he's only talking about sports. But I guess Skip Bayless can do that to someone.