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Royals-Angels Spring Training Game Delayed by Swarm of Bees


In a weird spring training moment on Sunday between the Angels and Royals, bees invaded a microphone attached to the net behind home plate at Tempe Diablo Stadium. Fans cleared the first six rows behind home plate and moved to the concourse. The Angels were forced off the field after already completing warm ups, and the start of the game was delayed 10 minutes while a beekeeper arrived to try and take care of the swarm.

The beekeeper was called upon again in the fourth inning when he shook the net and sprayed the bees causing another 10-minute delay. The fire department was called in last year during spring training to take care of the same problem at Tempe Diablo Stadium. But nothing in the past has been quite as dramtic as the swarm this weekend.

Check out some of the pictures of the swarm below.

Here's a video of the swarm: