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Tim Tebow Targeted For Open Congress Seat


Tim Tebow hasn't given up on his dream of playing in the NFL, but there's another position some think he'd be perfect for.

Republican strategists in Florida, where Tebow played college football, think the quarterback would be the best choice for the soon-to-be open seat. Ander Crenshaw, 71, will be retiring at the end of the term and perhaps it's right for Tebow to swoop in there. 

"We do not pick favorites," a key party strategist told the Washington Examiner. "Obviously a huge Florida football star would be an interesting candidate for our side of the aisle."

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Tebow has ties to Jacksonville, with his business and foundation there, but hasn't given a formal acceptance or even consideration of this particular seat.

"Just because your quarterback career in the NFL doesn't pan out it doesn't mean you can't have a successful career in politics — just ask Heath Shuler," Brian Walsh, GOP advisor and strategist, said. "So if this is something he's interested in pursuing, Tebow would certainly be a strong contender for this seat with his high name ID and reputation for hard work and strong values."

A conservative website, Red Alert Politics, is even backing the former quarterback in hopes he'll join the party. Tebow brings a "millennial appeal" according to many involved.

Tebow has stated he would like to get into politics at some point, but it could be sooner than later if some have their way.