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Tim Tebow's New "I Told You So" Eyeblack


Tim Tebow's eyeblack has been one of his trademarks since his days at the University of Florida. Usually reserved for a Bible verse he wanted to get out to the masses, his eyeblack became a billboard that hearkened back to the days of Jim McMahon's headbands.

Now that Tim's gone through a heavy dose of hatred from the media over his time under center with the Broncos--and come out of it with a 6-1 record--it's time Tim was able to enjoy his success and talk a little smack with his eyeblack. 

After pulling out 4th quarter wins each and every week, we think Tim has earned a little right to gloat over everyone who doubted him. Sure, he's unconventional, but his win over the Vikings proved that he can win a game with his arm (OK, Minnesota's secondary was not that great) instead of his legs. So here's a few ideas for Tim's new eyeblack.

1. Circumcising Defenses

2. One Interception, No Contraceptions

3. Virgin (Playoff) Birth

4. F U Elway

5. Completions R 4 Mormons

6. 6-1 Bitch

7. John Fox is a Big Cox

We'll see if Tim takes any of our advice when the Broncos take the field against the Bears this Sunday. C'mon Tim, you've earned it. Live a little.