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Top 10 Worst Sports Twitter Accounts

Top 10 Worst Sports Twitter Accounts

Top 10 Worst Sports Twitter Accounts

A person has to try really hard to be bad on Twitter. It's not an easy thing because the platform welcomes differing opinions. There are times you get the occasional troll who wants nothing more than to annoy or torment the object of their obsession, but you can ignore those people.

These are the sports-related people you may see pop up on your timeline for something outrageous or annoying they may have said, and they aren't going away anytime soon (sorry).

10. Carl Weathers (@TheCarlWeathers) - As much as we'd like to move the guy who played Apollo Creed in "Rocky" off the list, we still can't. Last year he came he came in at No. 9 and now he's No. 10, so that's something. However, the same hashtag in every single tweet still earns a spot on the list. #BePeace

9. Danny Kanell (@DannyKanell) - Some Twitter accounts are acquired tastes, and as more and more time passes, that's what Kanell is becoming. Obviously twitter is a place for opinions but, as many of Kanell's followers have pointed out, he sometimes trying too hard to have a differing opinion.

8. Mark May (@mark_may) - May will always be May. You either love him or hate him. He would announce every time he took an absence from twitter, then every time he came back, and it just became repetitive after a while. Now that he's somewhat active, it's just blah. You'd have to be a huge May fan to click the follow, and even then you might question what you've just done.

7. Stephen A. Smith (@stephenasmith) - Smith's tweets are only for two reasons, to upset people and to boost ratings for ESPN's "First Take." He does both and has no remorse at all. When he got into a little Twitter spat with some of the Redskins players, it became clear he's just tweeting in the hopes that people will hate-watch his show.

6. Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) - Darren Rovell is one of those accounts people hate to follow but they do it because there are times he tweets useful information. Then there are times he's tweeting things that could be taken differently than he intended. After Ezekiel Elliott jumped into a gigantic Salvation Army kettle after a touchdown on Sunday night in primetime n NBC, the Salvation Army Twitter account made a timely statement about giving back, to which Rovell quipped it wasn't subtle. Add the Salvation Army to the list of people who have correctly replied to the ESPN business reporter.

5. Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) - King has been described by many as a "hate-follow" that you put up with because he offers useful information at times. But often his tweets that aren't about sports are pretty tone-deaf and we're hoping he doesn't realize how they come off to people... or he might and just doesn't care.

4. Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) - We all know about Bayless and the never-ending trolling he does. Nothing has changed now that he's on a different network. He's still the same old, player-hating commentator he always was. Also keep in mind he doesn't follow anybody so, just like on television, he only likes to hear what he has to say. 

3. Curt Schilling (@gehrig38) - There's so much you could say about Schilling. His tweets and far-right ideology got him fired from ESPN. We won't embed one of them here but many have been pretty bad. His whole social media presence is like a never-ending migraine.

2. Jason Whitlock (@WhitlockJason) - Whitlock has plenty of epic Twitter moments and unless you mute him, it's impossible not to have seen one of them. Just recently when ESPN's Damien Woody asked a rhetorical question during an NFL game, Whitlock took it upon himself to "school" the two-time Super Bowl champion. Peak Whitlock.

1. Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) - Travis super fans, avert your eyes; although it can be argued that even his fans know he can be annoying at times. From his degrading language of anyone who disagrees with him, to his unbelievable arrogance, there's a lot to take in on his feed. Travis has his own special way of belittling you if you aren't on "his side of things." It was actually this tweet that lost him his Jack Daniels advertisement deal.