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Ultrasound of Fetus Tebowing Beats Every Other Photo of Tebowing


This ultrasound photo of a fetus "Tebowing" may be the first time anything having to do with Tim Tebow has been inside a woman.

If you look, you can clearly see that the baby is kneeling down, with his/her right fist on his/her head in the perfect Tebowing form.

We're not sure what he's praying for (A healthy trip down the canal? For his mom to stop playing Mozart 22 hours a day? For Tim Tebow not cut off his foreskin?), but this little guy would probably make Tim Tebow proud.

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What's also unclear is if this baby is a fan of the Broncos, or is just inspired by Tebow's on-field heroics. Either way, we're pretty sure this baby is going to grow up to be a winner. Even if he can't throw a football.

The father of this baby is John Keller (@JKells1). We don't know who he is or anything about him. But we really like what he made.