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UT Fans Makes Horrible Video Predicting Win Over Ducks


What happens when a Tennessee fan decides to make a video boasting how his Vols are going to beat the Oregon Ducks on Sept. 14? Internet gold. Watch the video and check out our favorite responses from members of the college football subreddit that brought this gem to our attention. 

Best comments from Redditors

* I think Neyland Stadium just found a new pre-kickoff hype video.

* It's like he's shaking his head the whole time as a subliminal message to the watcher that he in fact does not think all of this.

* He's being held hostage and reading a premade message from his abductor while also using non-verbal communication.

* I'm just happy it's not a Bama fan shown doing this for a change.

* Morse code via nostril flares?

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