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Worst Sports Injuries (VIDEOS)


No one ever wants to see anyone suffer an injury in anyway. But when superior athletes are moving at unrealistic speeds and in bizarre ways, unnatural things are bound to happen to the body. Sunday evening, Louisville hoopster Kevin Ware suffered one of the worst possible leg injuries many have ever seen in sports. Fans, coaches and players of all teams are thinking about him, his family and the Cardinals basketball squad. Needless to say, we all wish him a speedy and healthy recovery.

Below are some videos of some of sports most horrific injuries that we can remember. Some you will know about — Lawrence Taylor breaking Joe Theismann's leg, for example — and some you may have never seen. It's not for the squimmish and proceed at your own risk.

Kevin Ware, Louisville

Shaun Livingston, LA Clippers
The Clippers guard completely destroyed his knee in February of 2007 against the Charlotte Bobcats. After rumors of a potential amputated, Livingston eventually rehabbed his way back into the NBA. He has played for six teams since and is averaging 7.3 points per game this year.

Sid Vicious, Wrestling
After nearly a two-decade career in the WWF, including a championship, Vicious jumped off the top rope in 2001 and snapped his left leg. He did return to wrestling but only as a supporting cast and has sued WCW for the incident.

Joe Thiesmann, Washington
The famous compound fracture suffered by the Redskins quarterback in November of 1985 ended his career. The injury forced his retirement as Theismann would never throw a pass again.

Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina
Lattimore missed much of the 2011 season with a torn ACL in his left knee. After a furious rehab, he returned to the field as, once again, one of the nation's top backs in 2012. However, against Tennessee he suffered a horrific injury to his other knee. He is currently working to get his NFL career on track and all signs point to him being ready to play this fall.

Moises Alou, Montreal
Long-time MLB vet shattered his ankle in 1993 rounding first base and trying to stop. After rehab, Alou lost his speed but played for 15 more seasons in the majors.

Starting Pitchers throwing out arms
Pitching is one of the most unnatural movements the human body can endure and shoulders, arms and elbows seem to pay the price. Here are a few that come to mind.

Willis McGahee, Miami
The 2002 National Championship was on the line when Miami and Ohio State played in the title game. McGahee's knee was destroyed on this tackle, yet, the Hurricanes runner was still drafted in the first round and went on to have an excellent NFL career.

Matt Henry, Manitoba
Manitoba Bison running back Matt Henry breaks off a long run and then suffers a sevier leg injury in the Vanier Cup.

Tyrone Prothro, Alabama
Alabama's do-everything play-maker catches a long touchdown pass against Florida in 2005. The injury ended his breakout junior season and it unfortunately ended the young star's career. 

DeAndre Brown, Southern Miss
One of the nation's top recruits in 2008, Brown broke onto the scene with a huge freshman season. However, that season ended with a broken right leg in the bowl game and his career went down hill afterwards.

Patrick Edwards, Houston
As a freshman in 2008 for Houston, Edwards already had 634 yards and four touchdowns before playing Marshall. He ran through the endzone at full speed to make a big catch before hitting some endzone equipment and suffering a compound fracture in his leg. He returned to play three full successful seasons for the Cougars.

Tim Krumrie, San Francisco
Bengals star defensive lineman Tim Krumrie suffers a lower leg injury in what might be the worst Super Bowl injury of all time.