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Villanova Deletes Tweet Saying Wildcats Star Donte DiVincenzo Was Hacked


The internet is unforgiving. 

Toward the end of the National Championship game between Villanova and Michigan, the subject of old tweets started to arise. It turns out Villanova star Donte DiVincenzo allegedly said questionable things many years ago and for some reason people decided to use Twitter advanced search feature to dig up his old tweets from pre-2011. There were racial slurs, sexual language and things along those lines that were tweeted when DiVincenzo was around the age of 13.

A short time later, the Villanova men's basketball account tweeted (and later deleted) a tweet saying a DiVincenzo was hacked around the time those tweets were made. 

By the next morning, the Villanova guard had deleted the tweets and then his entire Twitter account. 

Twitter, unfortunately, never forgets.