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How tall was Andre the Giant? Did he drink 100 beers in a single sitting?

How tall was Andre the Giant?

How tall was Andre the Giant?

Was Andre the Giant really 7'4" tall? Did author Samuel Beckett drive him to school? Did he drink 100 beers in a single sitting?

The HBO documentary Andre the Giant has renewed interest in the many tall tales surrounding the larger-than-life French professional wrestler and actor, born Andre Rene Roussimoff (1946-1993). Andre and Samuel Beckett, winner of the 1969 Nobel Prize in Literature and author of the play Waiting for Godot, both lived in the Parisian suburb of Ussy-sur-Marne from 1953 to 1960.

“(Beckett) would stop and let (the kids) hop into the flatbed of his truck and he would drive them to or from school,” Andre the Giant director Jason Hehir told Business Insider. “But he had no special relationship with André any more than he did with any other child in that area.”

Andre will forever be remembered at his listed height of 7'4", but he actually measured in at 6'9 ¾", according to wrestling historian Dave Meltzer. As far as beer is concerned, there is enough anecdotal evidence — including stories told by WWE competitor Hulk Hogan and Princess Bride co-star Cary Elwes — to believe that, yes, André could drink 100 beers in one sitting.

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