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Wendell Carter Sr. on Coach K: "I Felt Like We Were Lied To"


Wendell Carter Jr.'s time with Duke is officially done, but that doesn't mean his family is completely over the experience. 

During an interview with NBC Sports Chicago, the Bulls rookie's parents said a few things about Coach K and the recruiting practices of Duke. 

"People make promises they can't keep. It didn't bother me," Wendell Carter Sr. said. "I was concerned because I felt like we were lied to. 'Oh, Wendell's going to be the man' and then the rug was pulled from under us." 

Wendell Jr. ended up taking a secondary role with the Blue Devils, which didn't sit well at the time but he made the most of it. His mother, Kylia, mentioned her frustration came from the family not being given information about Marvin Bagley III's reclassification which resulted in Wendell Jr.'s altered role with the Blue Devils. 

"My initial reaction, I was pissed," Kylia said. "And I wasn't pissed because Marvin was coming. To be honest, I felt like that was information that was kept from us. It felt (shady), it felt like my baby was going to get kicked to the curb."

Although the recollection of Carter's parents probably won't change anything or any player's mind from committing to Duke, it will definitely be in the back of many guys' minds going forward.