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What Everyone Thought When Philbin Was Named Dolphins Head Coach


This is exactly what popped in my head when the Miami Dolphins announced that someone named "Philbin" was going to be their next head coach.

Now that Regis Philbin has quit his time as co-host of the long-running "Regis and Kelly" show, it seemed like maybe this could be more plausible than originally thought. Regis loves sports in general--especially Notre Dame football. So why wouldn't he be able to lead Miami onto the field on Sundays? Some coaches are more inspiration guys than Xs and Os guys. 

And who wouldn't want to go out and beat the crap out of the Jets after a pre-game speech by Regis and his trademark cadence?

Of course, it's actually some guy named Joe Philbin who was named the Dolphins coach. But who would you rather see roaming Miami's sidelines?