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Why Jason Whitlock is Wrong to Call Ciara 'Thirsty' for National Championship Attire


Jason Whitlock. If I could, I would end the article there. 

He is a writer who is the definition of an "acquired taste", but if you love hot takes he'd be the way to go. Now that he's released of his duties of trying to get ESPN's "The Undefeated" off the ground, he's making his rounds on Fox Sports 1.  

During the national championship game between Alabama and Clemson, the controversial writer had some thoughts on singer Ciara's attire. He wasn't the only one to comment, but in true Whitlock fashion he took it a bit too far on Colin Cowherd's show.

For those who missed it, this is the dress Ciara wore.

It's inappropriate, Ciara. Cover up, Ciara. Insert eye-rolling emoji.

The cheerleaders are wearing less clothes for goodness sakes. The singer was wearing a gown that went all the way to her feet and somehow that came off as thirsty to Whitlock.

It's strange for him to say that Ciara demanded the attention. She's a very famous singer, in the public eye, and dating Russell Wilson. It's hard for her not to command everyone's attention. If anything, Whitlock spent much of the time once she was gone still tweeting about her. He made it more about her than he's willing to admit. Beware ladies because wearing a full-length dress can get you the "thirsty" label. Trust me, I've seen thirsty and that's not it.

Keep in mind that Whitlock is the same person who said Serena Williams was overweight. Take a minute and let that sink in. He also said Steelers coach Mike Tomlin doesn't get criticized because he's black. Again if you need a minute to let that marinate, please do so.

You know what a "thirsty" person wants more than anything? Attention. Based on the blazing hot takes and the constant nagging about things that make no sense, it's clear Ciara isn't the thirsty one in this equation.