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If World Cup Countries Were College Football Teams

If World Cup Countries Were College Football Teams

With the 2014 World Cup set to kick off in Brazil, we thought it made sense to get our readers up to speed on the teams. To make it easy, we put things in college football terms. Here's a look at each of the 32 countries competing, as well as what we perceive their American college football counterparts are north of Rio. After all, football is a religion all around the globe, whether it involves slide-tackling or a wrap-up technique. (All odds provided by and indicate odds of winning the World Cup outright.)


Brazil (3:1) = Alabama

The backups for A Selecao and Bama could probably contend.

Mexico (125:1) = Texas

Mexico futbol and Texas football are about equal right now.

Croatia (150:1) = Penn State

James Franklin could coach Vatreni to the Knockout Stage.

Cameroon (500:1) = Texas A&M

Samuel Eto'o a.k.a. Samuel Fo'otbo'ol or Sammy Football.


Spain (6:1) = Florida State
Reigning champs have support of Spanish and Seminole cowgirls.

Netherlands (25:1) = Oregon
Oranje, Oregon. Gotta wear sunglasses the colors are so bright.

Chile (40:1) = Baylor
Are the best days behind or ahead of La Roja and Baylor?

Australia (500:1) = Miami
Australia and Miami. Socceroos and Hurricanes. All night long.


Colombia (33:1) = Stanford
The Stanford Band and Tree are running - from Los Cafeteros?

Ivory Coast (125:1) = Ole Miss
Is this finally the year for Les Elephants and Colonel Reb?

Japan (150:1) = Wisconsin
Samurai Blue and Bucky Badger could make a surprise run.

Greece (200:1) = Michigan
Remember when Greece and Michigan were contenders? Ancient history.


Italy (22:1) = Auburn
Mario and Luigi could lead Azzurri to the promised land. War Eagle!

England (22:1) = Georgia
The Three Lions and the Dawgs underachieve with elite talent.

Uruguay (25:1) = South Carolina
Don't be surprised if La Celeste or Ol' Ball Coach advances.

Costa Rica (1,000:1) = North Carolina
Pretty sure Rashad McCants is a high-ranking FIFA member.


France (25:1) = LSU
Les Bleus in Baton Rouge yelling Geaux Tigers! Mardi Gras?

Switzerland (125:1) = Florida
Will Muschamp likes Nickelback and Switzerland.

Ecuador (150:1) = Clemson
La Tri and the Tigers must regroup to stay competitive.

Honduras (1,500:1) = Virginia Tech
Los Catrachos is Chupacabra meets Hokie.


Argentina (4:1) = Oklahoma
Lionel Messi is in Adrian Peterson prime form.

Bosnia & Herzegovina (150:1) = Missouri
First trip to World Cup for Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Nigeria (250:1) = Louisville
Super Eagles and Cardinals look to air for scoring.

Iran (1,500:1) = Iowa
"What are four-letter places where I don't want to go, Alex?"


Germany (11:2) = Ohio State
Group of Death: Die Adler and Ohio Hate could win it all this year.

Portugal (25:1) = USC
Cristiano Ronald is Hollywood. USC Trojans? Also Hollywood.

USA (100:1) = Notre Dame
Egomaniacal coach? Check. Overhyped program? Check. Envied by all? Check.

Ghana (200:1) = Arizona State
Black Stars have been Sun Devils to USMNT in World Cup.


Belgium (18:1) = UCLA
Do all the women in Belgium look like Bruins cheerleaders?

Russia (100:1) = Michigan State
The Fightin' Putins are shirtless Spartans on horseback. No?

South Korea (300:1) = Washington
Seattle's got Seoul. What else do you need?

Algeria (1,000:1) = Nebraska
"Al Jazeera?" asks Bo Pellini. Bo clearly does not know.