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Worst On-Air Sportscaster Bloopers (Video)


Rick Majerus: "I'm not a big gay guy."

Former Utah head coach Rick Majerus was in the process of breaking down UConn star swingman Rudy Gay when he let this little diddy slip. Just make sure to watch former UCLA (and current St. John's head coach) Steve Lavin's reaction to Coach Majerus' poorly worded analysis.

Christine Nubla: "Double Penetration"

Fox Sports West reporter Christine Nubla is attempting to report that the Clippers want to stop the "dribble penetration" at halftime of the Clips 107-89 win over Portland in April of 2007. However, luckily for sports nation, it doesn't come out right for Ms. Nubla.

Brian Collins: "Boom Goes the Dynamite"

Ball State freshman Brian Collins is painfully new at this whole broadcast media thing. It gets more and more uncomfortable for everyone involved until, at the 2:29 mark, Collins rallies to absolutely nail one highlight.

Jim: "Wish you continued good sex."

Jim, the sideline reporter, is attempting to wish Seton Hall head coach Bobby Gonzalez continued SUCCESS in the Big East for the remainder of the season. It doesn't really come out right. However, Jim goes back to the well a second time and still can't get the coitus out of his wrap-up.

Scott Roberts: You Are on the Air

The "more personalities than my ex-girlfriend" comment aside, this ABC 25 sportscaster from Daytona International Speedway is clearly not ready for his report. Beuller? Beuller?

Tom's First Time

HTVs first-time sportscaster Tom (Huntington, W.V.) is very nervous - and he is willing to tell us about it. This video is also known as the "You're going down Lauren" highlight clip.

Dan Marino Freaks Out

While breaking down a conversation he had with Terrell Buckley, Dan Marino slips-up and then takes out his aggression on the table. The best YouTube comment comes from user RRRPRRR, "That would have hurt Marino a lot more if he had a ring."

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Lee Corso Drops an F-Bomb

The wires are clearly not connected correctly to Rocket's mic, however, the cords are most definitely still working on Lee Corso's - and he let's one serious F-Bomb fly. ATTENTION: If bad language offends you, please skip this slide.

Sportscaster Is Completely Lost

This poor fellow is attempting to follow a Detroit-Cleveland NBA highlight to no avail. He is utterly lost and he knows it.

Wichita Sports Director F-Bomb

After tossing it to Casey Walkup for a report on the Wichita Thunder hockey squad, the Sports Director doesn't realize his mic is still hot and decides to let Buzz have it. ATTENTION: If bad language offends you, please skip this slide.

Steve Levy's Bulging Disc

ESPN anchor Steve Levy is trying to report on the bulging DISC in one player's neck, but can't quite deliver the goods. Unfortunately for Levy, co-host Keith Olbermann is no help whatsoever.

Pam Ward Disrespects Vinny Curry

ESPN's Pam Ward tosses it back to the studio and doesn't realize she is still on the air and has some classy things to say about the injuryed player, Marshall's Vinny Curry.

ESPN" "That's Kinda Gay."

During a Northern Illinois-Iowa report about how to catch a football, one ESPN broadcaster does go maybe too in-depth on how he teaches his kids to catch football. And the play-by-play man doesn't like it one bit.

Texas Tech Bell Ringer

This is not a slip-up by any of the on-air talent, but clearly the technical director should not have taken camera 2.

News Blooper Compilation 2011

Our broadcast brethren in the news department are not immune to mistakes as well. Here is a hilarious compilation of mistakes, pranks, blunders and more. Be sure to stick around to the 5:15 mark where a dog takes matters into his own, uhh, hands - on live TV.