10 Best Golfers Never To Win a Major Championship

Adam Scott came painfully close to winning last year's British Open before an epic Sunday meltdown.

Most golfers would rather be the worst player ever to win a major championship than to be given the title of “best player never to win a major.”

Sure, the BPNTWAM post was most famously held by Phil Mickelson, who was a 33-year-old with 22 PGA Tour wins, 46 major appearances and 17 top-10 finishes in majors before finally breaking through at the 2004 Masters. Lefty is now a four-time major champion, and his days as BPNTWAM are a distant memory from another era.

Here are our picks for the BPNTWAM most likely to win his first jacket, jug or trophy at the 2013 Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and/or PGA Championship.

Next Tiger?
The Aussie bomber and Spanish waggler were both called the “next Tiger” at one point. Each has missed a career-altering putt on the final hole of a major. The time is now.

1. Adam Scott, Australia
Age: 32
World Ranking: 7
PGA Tour wins: 8
Major Appearances: 47
Best Finish: 2 (’12 British), T2 (’11 Masters)
Top 10 Finishes: 8

2. Sergio Garcia, Spain
Age: 33
World Ranking: 16
PGA Tour wins: 8
Major Appearances: 57
Best Finish: 2 (’07 British, ’99 PGA), T2 (’08 PGA)
Top 10 Finishes: 17

American Dream
Since Tiger Woods won his 14th and most recent major at the 2008 U.S. Open, five Americans have claimed their first major championship. Is this foursome up next?

3. Dustin Johnson, USA
Age: 28
World Ranking: 19
PGA Tour wins: 7
Major Appearances: 16
Best Finish: T2 (’11 British)
Top 10 Finishes: 5

4. Brandt Snedeker, USA
Age: 32
World Ranking: 5
PGA Tour wins: 5
Major Appearances: 21
Best Finish: T3 (’12 British)
Top 10 Finishes: 4

5. Matt Kuchar, USA
Age: 34
World Ranking: 10
PGA Tour wins: 4
Major Appearances: 29
Best Finish: T3 (’12 Masters)
Top 10 Finishes: 4

6. Steve Stricker, USA
Age: 46
World Ranking: 8
PGA Tour wins: 12
Major Appearances: 57
Best Finish: 2 (’98 PGA)
Top 10 Finishes: 10

English Curse
A different sort of announcer jinx has been cast upon the blokes across the pond, as no Englishman has won a major championship since Nick Faldo won the 1996 Masters.

7. Lee Westwood, England
Age: 39
World Ranking: 13
PGA Tour wins: 2
Major Appearances: 59
Best Finish: 2 (’10 Masters, ’10 British)
Top 10 Finishes: 14

8. Luke Donald, England
Age: 35
World Ranking: 4
PGA Tour wins: 5
Major Appearances: 38
Best Finish: T3 (’05 Masters, ’06 PGA)
Top 10 Finishes: 7

9. Justin Rose, England
Age: 32
World Ranking: 3
PGA Tour wins: 4
Major Appearances: 35
Best Finish: T3 (’12 PGA)
Top 10 Finishes: 7

10. Ian Poulter, England
Age: 37
World Ranking: 12
PGA Tour wins: 2
Major Appearances: 40
Best Finish: 2 (’08 British)
Top 10 Finishes: 6

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